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Where can one find printable blank log data sheets. I need to keep records of my reloading and bullet casting info. When I’m testing new powders or primers etc. I’m finding myself remembering a time when I tried this stuff before but can’t remember the details. I think they call that CRS

I like the binder idea.
For what it is worth while many people use Excel for what you want to do there is plenty of good and free software out there. Just as an example Apache OpenOffice which is a free download and will work fine for creating log sheets. While you can create spread sheets all you really need is a text document in a landscape layout and add a table to it. The table will have columns and rows. You can easily tweak and peak to your taste.

Since you like the idea of a binder print your forms on a heavy card stock and use a three hole punch so the cards can be placed in a three ring binder of your liking. All you need is a cheap punch, nothing fancy. Then get some Index Tabs to divide your binder.

You can divide the binder by caliber or whatever you choose. I used some Amazon links but any of this stuff can be found in any office supply store such as Office Depot or similar. The nice part about rolling your own is you can choose what information you want in a table or spread sheet.

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