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The nation may have forgotten, but every battle won in World War II was won with Browning firearms.
Absolutely true!

But, equally true, every battle we lost was lost with Browning firearms, as well.

and, a small point, hostilities with Japan ended in Aug 45. Japan didn't actually surrender until the official documents were signed in Sep 45, on the deck of the USS Missouri in Tokyo bay.

People often point to a specific piece of equipment (or class of) and say "that won the war!"... they shouldn't, but they often do. Nothing, not even "the bomb" won the war all by itself.

That being said, Browning's firearms played a HUGE part, one that must be acknowledged and recognized, even though its impossible to specifically quantify.

By the time of WWII, aside from a handful of obsolete guns still serving, virtually all our belt fed machine guns were Brownings. All of our aircraft armament below 20mm size were Brownings. Our infantry machine guns were Brownings, the BAR, and the .30 and .50 cal Brownings were the fire support backbone of our armed forces.

If it could physically carry a machine gun, by the end of the war we had put a Browning gun on it. Jeeps, trucks, tanks, planes, ships, and even soldiers on foot all carried Browning machine guns of one type or another.

Browning's guns didn't win the war, but they damn sure were the best tool available for the job, at the time. And today, in many cases, Browning designed guns still are the best tools for the job.
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