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Huh. I was able to read the WSJ article and I don't subscribe. When a blurb came up telling me to subscribe to read more I just closed the blurb and the article was still there.

Seems like the article in the WSJ is a plug for the article's author's book “The Guns of John Moses Browning,” published by Scribner and authored by Nathan Gorenstein.

I might or might not read his book but the two star comments in Amazon gave me a lot of info. The book has very little technical information about firearms. Seems very similar to the book "Glock: The Rise of America's Gun" by Paul M. Barrett (note: NOT the Barrett that makes the .50 cal guns.)

Here's an excerpt from the top critical review on Amazon:
From the title I expected the book to be about Browning"s guns. It isn't . It was written for someone who knows next to nothing about firearms. The author has to explain what a "receiver" is. That tells you all you need to know.
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