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Originally Posted by Bruno2 View Post
I am about to go off on a 280 AI long range quest. I have never shot more than 100-200 yards.

I have been watching Erik's videos for awhile now. Before I buy dies I want to know what his process is. I know he talks about just buying Lapua brass, but besides that. I have seen him use a universal decapping die and not a neck sizer or expander ball type. He uses a an FL sizing die to bump the shoulders back. Also it looks as though he uses like an LE Wilson chamber seating die with a hydro press so he can measure seat pressure.

Is this what you're seeing?
He says do not neck size. Only and always full length. Based on his talk with speedy another shooter I suspect he is using a lyman s bushing die. But I am not 100% on that.

Yes that seems correct on the rest of it

I would also add he states he anneals the necks every time, and likes berger bullets, but also seems to have lapua bullets as well, but that may be due to his sponsorship by them.
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