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Guns can never be removed from a modern society, only the right to posses them. 3D printing is not some revolutionary way to make guns, it is a novel way. Any machine shop can turn out decent guns, and any one with common sense and a few tools can make functional ones, without anything so fancy as a computer or a 3D printer.

As for the politics/law, lets not forget that not too long ago, Several states proposed and a few passed laws requiring surrender of items already legally purchased. To varying degrees of success and overturning. Not *can* happen folks, *is* happening every day, more and more. And as an older person I can tell you from years of observation, it is not a partisan issue, it is a societal issue played out on partisan stages.

I am less afraid of people coming after mu guns than I am people coming after my rights, we keep the focus on guns and other very specific topics, but where the major power shift is coming from is what can be manipulated as fundamental rights. We do it with other things like controlled substances already as well as many other restricted items (consider NFA *parts*) Possession of precursors of manufacture everything from certain chemicals to certain hardware makes ultimate possession of the result illegal defacto.

That is how it will continue to happen until it is over.

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