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Originally Posted by osbornk View Post
Many of us in Virginia saw this disaster coming for the last several years. Carpetbaggers and immigrants flooded Northern Virginia to work for the government or companies affiliated with the government since Obama took the White House. The flood of ultra liberals overwhelmed the voter rolls and took over the state. Three of four blue spots controls an overwhelmingly red state. Bloomberg spent over 2.5 million dollars to buy Virginia to make it a model for the rest of the country.
Ya know, you can read the various threads and responses but the VA GOP gooned this last election up bigly. Blaming 'carpet baggers and immigrants'? And Bloomberg $ you said, 'you and many others saw this disaster coming'?? PLUS run un opposed and not get elected, pretty simple. There 'seems' to be so much outrage in VA, can't help but think it's a VERY loud minority...if it really is a ground swell of GOP support..a some poster said, 5 million voters out of 8.2...pretty simple arithmetic..yes?

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