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For myself, a gun is usually my only defense. It is very difficult for me to try and carry pepper spray, and a large stick I would have to find. But that is because my own routine does not involve going through evil dog infested areas. The only time that happens a nice swift opening of the truck door solves the problem because I am not out of the vehicle.

But from what yall are saying a stick might help with a dog? What concerns me is that it could **** an aggressive dog off. For a small framed woman that may not help. On top of that is of course that I don't know if this woman has the ability for the skull crushing blows of someone like you or me. I have watched a grown man punch an overly aggressive dog in the head and knock it out cold for a minute or so. But this man was a beast of a man and hit him directly on the top of the head.

What kind of dog defense stick are we talking here?
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