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Ejector Collar Rossi Model 1892 .357 Caliber

Three weeks ago I picked up a New Rossi Model 1892 caliber .357. I have not fired it yet. I jammed it when unloading 38 Special 158 grain dummy Cartridges. Two rounds got into the chamber. I turned the gun over while working the lever casing the failure to feed. I disassembled to clear the jam.

I am not a gunsmith and it took me several days to reassemble. After I’m done, I note a part like the “Ejector Collar” in my parts tray. I looked into the chamber and see a Collar on the Ejector. Is there the need for two collars when reassembled? Is a second Collar needed someplace else? After reassembly, I loaded 50 rounds and unloaded them - twice two rounds jammed. I unloaded these jams through the magazine—much simpler to reassemble.

The extra “Collar’s” dimensions are:
Inside Diameter .155
Outside Diameter .235
Length .171
I’d rather not disassemble to measure the Collar in the rifle. very tough to reassemble. The gun appears to be cycling OK. Later this week I’ll get a chance to fire it at a range. I'll check on how the rifle cycles.

Is there a second “Collar” needed? What are the dimensions of the Model 1892’s Extractor Collar?
Thanks Rollin’ Ranger
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