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Originally Posted by Ben Dover View Post
I agree that fancy scales actually detract from the utility of a blade.

I much prefer Kraton or oiled hardwood to anything exotic.

For my money, there are two things that detwrmine wheerther or not I like a knife.

Those are the quality of the steel, and the heat treatment.

A quality steel, like CPM M-4, S90V, Maxamet, etc, properly heat treated will last under hard use and hold a good edge forever.

Unfortunately, many, perhaps most, custom knives made today are made for looks rather than function. And that is sad. Really sad. Because those custom makers know better, but most consumers will pay premium prices for a "pretty" knife, but not for quality knife.
Agree, usefulness "TRUMPS" gaudy everytime. Mother-of-pearl or abalone scales, to me, look like crap. What was it that General George Smith Patton said when someone asked him if his ivory grips on his Colt SAA were mother-of-pearl?
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