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Anybody Can Make a Knife

I'll bet most of the folks that frequent this site have enough skills to assemble a knife from a kit. If you deal with firearms in any sort of serious manner, you can certainly put together a kit and come up with a knife like this:

Which is easily assembled from a kit and will work very well to open letters and Amazon boxes, but the style isn't much useful for anything else. It's basically the same as what others do, sorta like a "lego kit". Some of those who assemble these style knives even call themselves "master cutlers".

Now, true "Blade Smiths", are perfectionists in the art of knife making and are able to actually craft a fantastic knife that's worthy of praise:

Now, it's not to say that, at least from my opinion, that most of those who hang here on this forum, could not acquire a nice blade and skillfully attach scales and hilts to make a very fine, personalised knife that will do exactly what any so called "custom" knife will do:

But, when you really think about it, what do pearl or abalone scales do for a working knife, other than make that knife awful slippery and hard to hang onto? I'll bet 10 to 1, that most around here can make a knife that will serve you and your grandson very well, with no need to rely on anyone else.
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