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Though there may be a small difference in the number of moving parts, I don't find that to be a significant factor in reliability of the handguns. I shoot the 1911 and revolvers (single and double action) a similar amount. I occasionally experience stoppages with all of them, though I seem to have somewhat fewer with single action revolvers.

DA revolver cylinders occasionally bind due to debris, and extraction of multiple cases at the same time can be difficult as well, especially if debris or unburned powder granules are present. Split cases can also make extraction difficult.

FTF or FTEs occur on the 1911 occasionally. Debris and powder granules don't seem to affect the 1911 much. Split cases seem to eject in most instances. And the FTFs and FTEs are often quickly overcome or cleared.

I really enjoy revolvers, but I'll take a 1911 over a DA revolver if daily carry (especially open carry) in a dirty environment are SOP.
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