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I wince because as soon as I press "post,' I'm going to have to hide. But here goes:

I think this is a pointless discussion. Putting aside design and manufacturing defect, all handguns can "fail.". Most of the time, the probability of failure will be dominated by the diligence of the owner or operator with respect to inspection, cleaning and routine maintenance of his handgun. And, in my opinion, this is equally true of revolvers and auto pistols.

I could add a couple of observations. In my experience, most of the stoppages of revolvers take longer to clear and require skills and tools of a higher level than some auto failures. But I regard this observation to be irrelevant, since proper maintenance should drastically reduce to probability of failure in the first place.

In theory, hammer fired handguns, whether revolver or pistol, should be more susceptible of environmental stoppages, because of the potential for debris to occupy the lane through which the hammer must fall for the weapon to fire. Tests (done by others than me) have illustrated such failures repeatedly. This implies that a striker-fired pistol should be more immune to environmental stoppages, but the same tests have revealed the propensity of striker-fired pistols to succumb, either through hydrolock or slide rail impedance.

I could go on, but the bottom line is this: take proper care of your weapon and it will fire on demand. Revolver or pistol.
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