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If the supposition is allowed to specify a "good" semi-auto or revolver, perhaps some thought should be given to the quality of ammo?

Let's say the two types of firearms are in the same caliber shooting the same ammo. The strengths/weakness of each action type would show with varying levels of ammo quality. Bubba's Remanufactured Boolits with insufficient powder would choke a semi-auto frequently. The revolver would shine in comparison.

It can happen: I never had a problem with Winchester White Box until about 6 months ago I had a box where the case mouths of 8 rounds of 9mm were crimped along with the projectile. This caused the round to slide forward enough in the chamber that the first firing pin strike was weak. Some went off after a few strikes (I shouldn't have tried but I did) and a couple just wouldn't. I forgot where I put them, they were interesting to see.

Could the quality of ammo have improved since way back when? Perhaps being less dependent on sufficient powder charges to an extent, or less dependent upon successful reciprocation of the slide had a big advantage that was more apparent back in the day.

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