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I have more revolvers than I have semis. Over 50 plus years I've had 2 malfunctions with revolvers, the ejector rod backed out of a K22 and trash got under the extractor of a 586 revolver. Now to the semis, MK II Ruger, several failure to fires, 9mm 1911, failure to extract several times. 2 High Standard pistols, a bunch of failure to feed, only one magazine of 4 is close to being reliable. The 22 pistols have to be kept clean around the rear of the bbl. and the bolt/slide faces or I get mis-fires out the kazoo. Kimber, Ruger CMD, 2 Colt 1911s, occasional failure to feed. A Taurus .40 cal, gaurantee 1or2 failure to feed every 100 rounds. Beretta 92FS fail to load first round using slide stop.
My experience is that the semi is way more likely to malfunction than a revolver. Fact.
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