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Do you count the plunger tube (contains spring and plungers), slide stop, barrel bushing/recoil spring plug and extractor as moving parts?
I did not count the plunger tube as a moving part. I did count the 2 plungers and the spring. I did count the slide stop, and barrel bushing, though I did not count the recoil spring plug. Nor did I count the barrel link pin, or the firing pin stop. though perhaps I should have.

But today's quality modern semi's are more reliable and durable in actual use than revolvers.
Unless the modern quality modern semi auto you are referring to is a 1911A1 it is irrelevant to the question which is DA revolver vs 1911A1, specifically to either confirm or debunk this statement.

A double-action revolver has far more moving parts than a 1911A1.
and its implication that a DA revolver is less reliable than a 1911A1 because it has "far more" moving parts.

So far, it appears the 1911A1 has more moving parts, and most of us feel a DA revolver is more reliable, generally. Don't get me wrong, I love the 1911A1, and I have carried it and would carry one of MINE with complete confidence, but they are not less prone to malfunctions than quality DA revolvers. The malfunctions are generally minor in nature and usually easily cleared or fixed, but they DO happen more often than malfunctions of DA revolvers.

Do keep in mind there is a reason that "Tap, rack Bang" drills are part of the standard training for semis 1911A1 included. There isn't anything like that (that I know of) for DA revolvers. Sure maybe its because when a revolver chokes your usually done, or perhaps, just perhaps, because it happens so rarely people don't worry much about it?
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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