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Reliability and durability aren't quite the same. Most semi's win for durability over DA revolvers. Reliability is a little closer.

In my personal experience a revolver is more reliable than a 1911. But I've never found a 1911 reliable enough for me to trust one for more than a range gun.

But today's quality modern semi's are more reliable and durable in actual use than revolvers. Over the years I've had more revolvers fail to function than modern semi's.

A revolver is less susceptible to poor quality ammo and years ago that was a concern with semi auto pistols. But the quality of the ammo has now reached the point where this is a non-issue.

Kept in a nightstand, and kept clean a revolver can be counted on to be very reliable for the cylinder in the gun. When it comes time to reload then things change. And if carried in harsh outdoor conditions and actually used in the field semi's can take more use and abuse. Semis have proven to be far more reliable and durable for military use.

It isn't necessarily the number of parts on a revolver, but the fact that a large number of those parts are exposed and require close tolerances to function. Most of the semi's moving parts are enclosed making it harder for dirt and debris to enter gum things up. Getting rid of the exposed hammer is a huge step toward better reliability with striker fired pistols.
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