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DA Revolver vs. 1911A1 Reliability

I ran across this statement and it got me thinking, ….

I know this borders on heresy, but a good quality semiauto is more reliable than a revolver. A double-action revolver has far more moving parts than a 1911A1.
Specifically, about the "far more moving parts" so I'm asking how you folks would count them.

Counting every part that moves or is moved during the loading, unloading and firing of the pistol, including springs, a friend got 19 for an pre lock S&W K frame and 21 for a gun with the internal lock.

Counting a GI 1911A1, I get 25, counting springs but not pins. And I might have missed one...

The way I see it, 19 is not way more than 25.

SO, what would you folks count, sticking with a DA revolver and the 1911A1?

Please don't tell me how many parts your GLock has, or your Colt SAA, that's not the question. Do you think a DA revolver has "far more moving parts than a 1911A1"?

I don't. What do you think?

We've talked reliability of revolver vs semi to death many time, but this is a specific question about specific guns DA revolver (any) and 1911A1, and the statement of the semi being more reliable due to fewer moving parts.

I say bunk. What do you say?
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