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A proper, and consistent grip is necessary to accuracy with all handguns and most rifles. Once you have a consistent grip you adjust the sights to get the gun on target. If your grip tightens, as you shoot, the gun can start shooting low and toward the right for right hand shooters and left for left hand shooters.
I see this a lot when shooting falling plates the first round hits center, the next hits lower on the plate and the rest hit the frame below the plates. The reason this happens is that under recoil the shooter subconsciously grips tighter to remain on target. when this happens I usually suggest a "strangle hold" on the gun at the start and that usually takes care of the problem. If your grip loosens then you start hitting higher.
If you are consistently hitting left of center then adjust your sights - it's easier than changing your grip and learning to hold that grip. Work with the grip you have as it is already consistent and move the sights to adjust your point of impact. Having someone else shoot your gun will only tell you how well they can shoot (or not) and will tell you nothing about where you shoot or should be hitting.
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