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The most useful, and used, gun I have is an NFA item.
I have two SMGs, two suppressors, and an AOW (mini-maglite in .380). By far, the most used is the suppressed bolt action .22 rifle.
I sure use it more often than anything, and I imagine it gets more rounds through it than anything also.

I have a couple of Newbold self-sealing swinging targets on a stand at the edge of our woods at the back edge of the yard. It's 58 yards from the back door, and I stand on our deck and shoot at them with the "whispergun" a few times a week minimum.
If I have five minutes, I can grab that riflle and shoot a few rounds.
The neighbors on either side have never said a word.

It's an extra little bit of practice that I might not get without the quiet gun.
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