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Suppressors and SBSs

I disagree. It seems to me that both suppressors (especially on rimfires) and short barreled shotguns (SBS) have a lot of utility. They are the NFA items whose NFA-ness annoys me the most.

I'd like to be able to do some target practice with a .22 pistol while talking at a conversational volume. Under current laws, non-NFA shooters have to take careful precautions to avoid hearing damage -- over the long haul, many don't escape it. This is a public health cost. The USA is pretty neurotic about suppressors: my understanding is that a fair number of generally gun-phobic European countries allow or even require suppressor use for some types of shooting.

Similarly, while I like my 18" Remington 870 for home defense, I would like it more if it were just a bit shorter and easier to maneuver with -- say a 14" to 16" barrel. LEOs seem to agree; they use short shotguns a lot. The NFA shotgun barrel restriction should be lowered from 18" to 16", as was done decades ago for rifles.

On the other hand, I don't personally see much practical use for the AOW short shotguns without a stock. Figure I'd just break my wrist and still miss the target. I want a stock.

(OK, practical or no, the Serbu Super Shorty (AOW) is still cool. Make mine a 20 gauge. )
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