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Good all around caliber to use for Mtn. Lion

Hey ya'll, this coming January I am going on a mountain lion hunt and am just curious what would be a good caliber rifle that is going to put it down without doing an excessive amount of damage with an exit wound? I will put a list of my center fire rifle calibers below.

-.223 (AR platform)
-.22-250 (heavy varmint rifle)
-7x57 Mauser (standard Ruger m77)
-.308 (heavy profile rifle)
-300 Win Mag (standard profile)

And just to cover my bases...
-.50 caliber black powder muzzle loader (caplock)
-12 gauge shotgun
-.410 shotgun

I am leaning towards the 7x57 with hand loaded 110-120 grain bullets that will not penetrate to far.
Thanks for your time and input.

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