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Now I do not have a Uberti "or Cimarron arms" but I do have a 2nd gen Colt in 44-40 & I know I've probably put maybe 2-3000 rounds through it & have only had to replace the hand due to a broken spring in that time, now with regards to parts breakage or wear even my C&B revolvers like my 1860 Army & my older 1858 New Army "both by Pietta" which has about 6-7000 rounds through em "combined" have had a hand replacement "60," a trigger/bolt spring "58," & a main spring "60" replaced in that 25 years I've had them, not bad conciddering the design of the pieces compared to a Ruger.

I guess it depends on how you use & take care of your pieces will determine their reliability through time but out side of the fact that a stock Colt design can not handle the Magnum loads that the Rugers can, they are still plenty strong enough & reliable enough to handle standard loads on a normal basis for many years.
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