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Arizona, Classes offered by Tactical Response Oct-Nov

If power comes from diversity, Tactical Response is truly powerful. Our Instructors come from various and diverse backgrounds. Our staff is comprised of Military, SWAT, and Civilian experts in weapons, tactics, hand-to-hand, and the most important aspect: mindset. Gunwriters, Operators, and Top Shooters make up our Internationally recognized group of professional trainers and each is motivated to pass along as much knowledge as you are willing to accept.

We don’t care if you are a Dentist, Navy SEAL, Computer Geek, Concerned Citizen, or Patrolman. No matter what you do for a living, we will always treat you with respect; and you will receive the best training available, regardless of cost. It is our belief that Warriors come from all walks of life and that all Warriors are our brothers. Some we have just not met yet...

Oct 22-23 Tactical Rifle
Oct 24-25 Advanced Tacical Rifle*
Oct 29-30 Tactical Pistol Phoenix
Oct 31- Nov 1 Advanced Tactical Pistol*
Nov 3-4 Fight At Night (Low Light)
Nov 5-6 Tactics 101

Course tuition is $300 per 2 day block of instruction. See www.TacticalResponse for detailed course descriptions and registration info.

Tactical Response President James Yeager will be coming out to teach this year.
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