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Originally Posted by hanleyfan View Post
I laugh when everything I hear that Marlin is a high quality gun, I am 67 years old and in my youth when you could not afford a high end gun you bought a marlin, because it was cheap and affordable. I have owned a number of marlins in my life time and I don't consider them a quality firearm. they are a budget gun that will do the job but are a far cry from a quality high end gun.
I never considered Marlin to be high end either. They were and are an affordable, functional, accurate and reliable weapon for hunting. Some of the older Marlins did have nicer wood fit and better walnut with more figure but the new REP guns have nicer metal if I were pressed to say so. But high end, now or in the past, no. High end might be rifles costing $2,000 plus or more, not the current sub $1,000 where nearly all Marlins live or adjusted for inflation $ in older times.

But then, what makes a gun high end, apparently that term is defined by the user?

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