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Yes, the Marlin Jam. I know it can be fixed but the problem is it quite often must be fixed.
For a first time Lever guy, I would not recommend just to save him the aggravation. There used to be a gun dealer I bought from for years who has long passed on now, who would not hardly trade for Marlin 44 mag, because he had had so many people bring guns back to him with problems.

And I noticed that a lot of used ones would show marks on them where someone had used a screwdriver to clear a jam, and a few years later, I took a chance and bought a nice clean one, without the so called screwdriver marks, but eventually, I hate say but mine ended up with screwdriver marks on it too.

I no longer own it, and wouldn't buy another, however Marlin could have headed off those issues during manufacture but were too cheap to do, and would rather fix the ones that get sent back in for repairs.
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