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Well, I don't know about buying once and crying once, because there are so many great leveractions out there from the past and present, that accumulating and shooting them can become addictive.

For me personally, a good leveraction has been my go to gun for most of my centerfire hunting needs for most of the last 30 yrs. My go to gun, and probably just about the last one I own that I would give up is an older steel framed Browning BLR in 308 Win with a 2 x 7 Leupold scope on it. From 0 to 300 yds or so, it will get the job done, if I do my part, always.

Now, going beyond the purely practical side of things, I love the original Winchesters, and no leveraction fancier should be be without a pre-64 Model 94 Winchester carbine in 30/30 with the original semi-buckhorn open sights. Try to find a good clean rifle at a gun show or maybe on a used gun rack somewhere, but be ready to give $600 for a well used one, up to $800 or so for a nice one.

Also, I like the heavier Octagon barreled commemorative rifles, post 64, like the Buffalo Bill model or Canadian or Teddy Roosevelt, and you can still find a good shooter probably without the box for $600 to $800, however you might end up having to replace the cheap stamped lifter if give you troubles but the Buffalo Bill model I own has never failed me even with the cheap stamped lifter. Many of the later year Commemorative s, like the Legendary Lawman Trapper saddle ring carbine were made after they went back to the better quality lifters. But whatever you do, you will want to get a Pre-64 Carbine at least.

I love the 71's and the 86's, and even the 95's, and don't forget for a fun gun to shoot, a Uberti 73 replica in .357 mag is a great fun shooter.

An older Savage 99 in 300 Savage can be a fine gun.

And Marlin had some good ones too, if you have to have a scope, and you don't want to spring for a BLR, a good Marlin 336 with a scope, will still handle about anything needed done within 150 yards anyway, but it won't carry and handle quite as nice as a fine pre-64 Winchester.

As far as the Replicas go, the original Browning, 73's, 86's and 95's from Japan are some of the best, and were made before the safety police and Lawyers screwed up the Winchester replicas by adding rebounding hammers and extra safeties and stuff.
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