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I built a R700 mutt in 300 WM and I do like it and it has it's place within my collection. My main intent was shooting the Sig Saur "Reach for a Thousand" instructional class. The rifle shot outstanding at 1K with my 208 Amax / H1000 load at about 2740 fps. My 300WM is a heavy rig at 14 lbs, and I had a brake. I was able to shoot about 90 rounds the day of the class and along with my PAST recoil pad I was only a bit sore. I still shoot my 300WM at my 600 yd range occasionally but it's really overkill, and ammo is expensive and excessive barrel heat is an issue. But none the less with match loads you get flat, fast, and a whoop load of energy downrange.
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