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please post what powder and rifle your getting 2900 fps out of a .308.
I should have mentioned it's not a factory load. We are drifting off the OP topic and that is probably my fault. I shoot a 24.5" Sako A7 in 308. My handloads are 2.90" OAL which is a bit longer than factory and are still well off the lands. (.100") 1:11" twist.

Since this isn't the reloading forum and my load is not a book load I will just say that my go to is a 165g (Was AccuBond, now Fed TBT) with a compressed load of Ramshot Big Game. It's legit. (PM me if you want the specific load data.)

I have also shot the 190 ABLR before the 168 was available and they were accurate, but a little slower than I liked. (2660fps @ 2.90" OAL)

I am not a long range hunter though so I went back to a "standard" bullet. (Fed TBT)

I am actually interested in the 168 ABLR for the 300 Blackout but now were really getting off topic.

I do like my 300 WSM. (Model 70 Featherweight) It is much more powerful than a 308 or an '06, but I find I don't need it since I won't shoot past 400 yards at game.
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