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I also saw a recent press release where the US Marines have replaced the 308 with the 300WM as their sniper rifle. Go figure. * * * They are no longer using Remington, but; have gone with a high end clone of the 700. You tax dollars at work, each rifle $12,000.
It's not just the cost. The mil branches do that because the environs of certain theaters (Afghanistan) call for really long range sniping and over-watch missions, so in that context the 300WM chambering makes sense. But if you take a hard look at the rifles themselves, they're set up with long heavy barrels, thick stocks, large, high-end/high-magnification scopes, along with the latest and greatest bipods, stock packs, slings, etc., so they end up weighing 15lbs or better. These rifles are intended for proned-out shooting from a hide, where the spotter-sniper team has likely been embedded for several days doing recon, not humping these rifles over hills and valleys hunting elk or moose.

Based on the OP 2nd post one of 6.5mm would be a much better choice. The rifle could be a lot lighter for those hunting roles. The weight is great for recreational target shooting but; it is just terrible curse for hunting.

If the OP wants a 300WM for hunting use, then the platform needs to be one of the featherweight, "Mountain rifle" types, not the heavy Rem 700 PSS. Yeah, it'll be a shoulder-hammer for sure when siting-in off the bench to get the initial zero, or God-forbid if he should undertake extensive load development, , and after 3-shots the groups will begin to spread anyway due to the heating of the pencil barrel, but that last shouldn't be unexpected.

In a portable hunting rig, a 300WM is intended to be carried mostly and shot very little.

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