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Originally Posted by jmr40 View Post
Anything magnum is declining in popularity. Out to 500 yards a 308 does the same thing with around 14 ft lbs energy from the same weight rifle. The 6.5 Creedmoor has very similar trajectory out to 2000 yards as 300 WM with about 10 ft lbs recoil. 26 ft lbs of recoil is tolerable for a few rounds. But after 10-20 you'll know. That is about the daily limit for most people.

That would be a mild load, 3050-3100 fps is more likely, with recoil closer to 30-31 ft lbs.

Either 308 or the 6.5, and about 2 dozen others will take deer, elk, or hogs out to 500 yards. The 300 starts to gain an advantage past 500. BTDT, sold the 300 and wouldn't go back.

Bullets from just a few years ago sucked compared to today. It isn't how fast they leave the muzzle, but how fast they are going when they impact. Newer high BC bullets can leave the muzzle much slower than before, and still impact down range with more speed since they are more aerodynamic. With old school bullets the only way to get better performance at extended ranges was more and more muzzle velocity. Which meant more and more recoil and blast.

Modern high BC 180 gr bullets fired from a 30-06 will surpass old school 180 gr RN bullets fired from 300 WM in as little as 75 yards, from a 308 in as little as 175 yards.

Don't waste your time with anything that cheap. Decent factory loads for 300 WM will cost you $30-$50 for a box and can go up from there.

Decent factory loads for 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor start at $15 for a box and you can get some of the best loads for around $30.

As a target round the 6.5 matches the 300 WM out to 2000, the 308 starts to run out of gas at 1100-1200 yards. As a hunting cartridge the 308 or 6.5 will take elk size game out to around 500 and smaller game much farther. How far can you shoot?
The 308 has 14% more energy than the 6.5 CM.Everything else between the two is pretty much a push out to 4-500 yards.14% more energy is significant ........especially in elk country.

Now sit back and wait for EMCON.........snicker
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