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Originally Posted by T. O'Heir View Post
A Remington 700 Police is just an M700 with phosphated metal and an Al block bedded, H-S Precision composite stock(Kevlar and fiberglass). Weighs 9 pounds. 1 in 10 twist, 26" barrel.
Pretty much the same thing as their M700 Long Range. Difference is who made the stock and the finish on the metal. The latter is easily altered.
Recoil of a 180 grain bullet at 2960 FPS out of an 8.5 pound rifle is 25.9 ft-lbs.
Than you. Recoil doesn't sound too bad compared to others. Ammo hovers around $0.80 per round for the cheapest stuff. I don't currently reload. Uses would be hunting pigs, long range elk/deer, and recreational target shooting. I have always wanted this gun. I know it's not so practical but ever since handling my friends dad's .300 Win Mag I've wanted one.
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