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You most likely have a standard .30-40 chamber in that Ackley barrel, since P.O. would have definitely marked the bbl ".30-40 AI" if it was chambered for his improved krag - which is not to say that some subsequent owner didn't have the chamber reamed out to AI, but never so marked.

I, too, would normally recommend a chamber cast - but simply firing a factory .30-40 Krag cartridge in it (how AI cases are made/fireformed anyway) & comparing the fired brass to another factory Krag shell ought to tell you if they're identical or if the fired case (and, ergo, the chamber) is an AI.

As for value - It's still only a sporterized Krag, maybe worth only a little bit more to some knowledgeable buyer than another sporterized Krag in the same condition, because of the Ackley bbl (but virtually equal).

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