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"In the opinion of a mod/admin. Apparently the people participating in it felt different. This simply points out my original point, that there is a hair trigger itching to close threads that go on too long.

Apparently, THIS is a pointless thread. Might as well close it."

Actually, it's not our opinion. It's our mandate from the owner of this site, Rich Lucibella, who provides it to everyone free of charge and without advertisements.

He set the marching rules for how this site is to be managed and also for how people are expected to act, and he tasked the moderator staff to ensure that conversations remain relevant, civil, and purposeful.

TFL isn't a democracy, it's not a representative republic -- it's one man's vision for what he expects the firearms community to be.

Your claim that we actively seek out threads to close is disproven simply by looking at the forum lists to see how many threads have been closed. The most closed threads are in Legal and Political, as is to be expected, because discussions of the law and politics can engender heated responses.

But that still doesn't mean that we go out of our way to find threads to close. If that were truly the case, the forums would be absolutely littered with closed thread.

What, another thread about 9mm? Boring cartridge. CLOSED!

A thread about pure trophy hunting? I don't like that. CLOSED!

You have an unfavorable review of a gun I love? CLOSED!

None of that happens, and you know very well that it doesn't.

So, to condense all of this down into a short summary -- you're wrong, and we're not going to change the way we moderate TFL just because you don't agree with it.
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