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Making stuff up?

I have proved every mythical comment about the MR73 is wrong:
-No MR73 was used in the Paris attack in 2015. The US magazines repeating each other said the main force that responded in Paris uses them. No MR73 was used or present. All police responded with rifles. Sig P226 and Glock were the only handguns police had present at the Paris attack. Rifles were only fired in the Paris 2015 attack. We know this as a fact. The picture of the scoped revolver being used for a long distant shot in US magazines? NO police force in the world is doing that when rifles exist. That is just a stupid photo. Come on.

-No target barrel, even cold hammer forged (the VP9 barrel is cold hammer forged too), barrel is going to survive 357mag for 1,000,000 rounds. In fact, the actual statement is there is a MR73 displayed with 100,00 rounds. That's the actual story.
Someone isn't good with numbers mistook that for 1 million. This is repeated on every professional gun website. 1 million rounds of 357mag? That barrel would be shoot to heck and back. Every professional gun website should know this. Not one has caught they mistook the claim by more than 900,000. They should have.

-We know Manurhin is proofs with Norma 357. I'm putting up an image of my Norma 357 in the other thread. It is CIP. It is not magical 1,500FPS. So we know pressure isn't somehow explosively different. Fact is, the magical police force using the MR73 is also issues the 686. Again, they probably aren't using either in real situations. Just like our swat teams use short rifles.

I'm not saying it isn't nice. But no one has discredited what I've said. It's impossible that those three items exist. We know that is impossible without knowing anything about the MR73.
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