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MarkCO is right about the newer AR's. that is why you pay extra or the Noveske non chrome lined much barrels and such. Hard chrome lining was used for wear purposes. It prevented wear in the AR's. Companies like Noveske,Hk and others have found out that it can cause inaccuracies when shooting. Hk has proven that with a non lined MR556 it can sustain 15,000+ rounds in one weekend of testing and retain a 1MOA group. I read the write up in one of my AR15 magazines about the new treatment in barrel life and accuracy. Another that is swearing by non chrome lining is S&W. while you can still get the chrome lined, they re using melonite also. It is testing very well also.

But Skans is correct about the fully auto. The military orders chrome lined just because of this. Full auto fire is very hard on barrels.
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