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A hard chrome lined barrel is superior to stainless steel.

Stainless is superior to standard carbon steel barrels and far more resistant to erosion of the throat, which is why virtually all Match and long range barrels are stainless these days.

However, hard chrome is even more superior and lasts considerably longer. Hard chrome is also easier to clean, fouls less, and is far more resistant to corrosion.
For these reasons, the military use chrome lined barrels.

The only down side to hard chrome is that they are typically "slightly" less accurate then a carbon or stainless barrel.
However, this is not an issue on a service or defense rifle, only on a Match or long range rifle where you're trying to get the last bit of accuracy.
In a standard defense or hunting rifle, any slight loss of accuracy is not noticeable and the benefits of hard chrome far outweigh it.

Due to the much greater benefits of hard chrome, on a non-Match rifle it's hard to justify NOT getting hard chrome.
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