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Ammo in reserve

Originally, I kept 1000 rounds of .223 for my scope sighted AR-15 specifically in the event of societal collapse. I have many legit scope sighted, bolt action hunting arms with 40 rounds for this, 60 rounds for that etc. Due to the loss of several dear friends, their wives gave me several thousand rounds of 9mm, .38 SPL and .22 rimfire, boxes of shotgun fodder plus more than 20 partially used cannisters of gunpowder.

Frankly, I won't go looking for trouble but I'm a good shot and I don't spray and pray nor do I hose the foes. Compared to whitetail deer, humans would be easy to hit. I can't imagine any armegeddon-like scenario in which I would exhaust my ammo, leaving the streets in my neighborhood piled so high with cadavers that a bulldozer would be needed to open the streets. Besides, I don't own anything justifying suicidal, human wave assaults against me except perhaps for the food in my house.
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