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You were correct that the information presented was in reference to handgun use, although I have seen this target point used with rifles as well, and just as you indicated, the damage done is often worse as a result of the power of a rifle as compared to a handgun. Regardless of the instrument used, shot placement is just as key as it is with any other target area. Once again, I am not implying that the hip shot is superior to other common target areas, only that from personal experience, it has shown itself to be effective.
Wyatt Earp said gut shots were effective. Every school out there teaches you that COM shots are effective and in particular (and often confused with), COC shots.

Shot placement is key. How do you know where to shoot to produce a physiological stop on the pelvis? Would "you" actually know where to shoot to hit bone versus soft tissue?

Interestingly enough, a lot of soldiers who are injured in battle are shot in the rump in what effectively amount to as being hip region shots, but end up with non-bony damage. The same holds up top of the thigh shots that may be in the hip region, but that don't actually involve the hip.

In other words, what you are talking about likely is not hip shots per se, but low abdomen/upper leg or 'hip region' shots. Here, vocabulary is actually important since the apparent purpose of your thread is to be instructional.

I believe the idea behind using the hip/pelvis as a target it the mechanical effect of a broken pelvis/femur. Similar to a head shot as a CNS stop, and the COM as generally speaking a exsanguination ( bleed out ) stop..the pelvis is often seen as a mechanical stop. You cant keep coming at me if your femoral head is no longer in the as leg bone no longer connected to hip bone!
Sure, break the femoral neck or luxate the femoral head from the acetabulum and you will get a mechanical stop. The problem is, however, that virtually nobody knows where to aim in order to make this happen. It is a three dimensional small region buried under a good bit of soft tissue without any readily apparent external landmarks at which to aim. So that is an extremely precise shot to make and that is NOT the shot people are taking about when they talk about the hip being a large target as in the OP.
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