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Alternative Targets...

Something to think about....Just to give a little background on myself, I served 5 yrs in the United States Navy as an E.O.D. tech/unconventional warfare specialist from 91-96, completing three combat tours in the Persian Gulf. Since 96 I have been employed by a police department, in a city with a population of about a half million. One of the things I have learned is that people do not always react the way we would like them to when struck by a bullet.

We are all taught that a center mass shot is the most effective and easiest place to hit in most situations, and most of us are familiar with the old mantra of "two to the chest, one to the head". While I will not dispute the effectiveness of a head shot if center mass shots fail to stop an assailant, there is another option that should be considered based on the circumstances of the encounter..."Two to the chest, two to the hips".

Making a head shot in a real world situation is much more difficult than doing the same thing on the range. The head is a very mobile target, that presents a relatively small area in which a shot can be placed that will cause a disruption to the CNS (Central Nervous System). This combined with the stress induced by a lethal situation can result in less than stellar performance.

The hip shot, on the other hand, presents a larger target area, that has some real advantages over other parts of the body. The hips tell us how an opponent is moving quicker than any other part of the body, just ask any boxer or wrestler. The femoral artery traverses the hip bone on both sides of the groin area to the front of the body. The hip bone provides the structure that supports the rest of the body. All of these add up to a very effective target area. In my experience, an assailant shot in the hips with a duty sidearm, almost always falls to the ground immediately, as the structure supporting them has just been broken. While instant incapacitation is less likely than with a CNS shot, the femoral artery is often damaged, causing massive bleeding and often death. I have not yet seen the instance in which a shot placed solidly to the hip did not stop the fight instantly.

I am not recommending that this tactic is superior to any other, just that it is an option that should be practiced. There are times when it truly is the best solution to a complex problem. Next time you go to the range, practice the drill...two to the chest, two to the hips.


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