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Marlin 336 mystery

Hi Again Sport45 and all interested! I am going to the gunsmith to pick up my Marlin 336 today. As of now, I can tell you it has a round lever, pistol grip and a good walnut stock with no checkering. It has no cross-block safety or signs of ever having one( no screw or anything where the cross bolt safety was installed starting in 1983), and The top barrel sticks out about an inch forward of the bottom barrel. The serial number is on the top and VERY clear. I will do my best to post more pictures of the rifle and its serial number. Its just interesting that some rifles were made that did not fit into Marlins DOM chart. Since the rifle was used by the father of the guy I bought it from,(he is in his 50's- the guys father is dead) Its reasonable to assume the rifle is at least 30-40 years old. Other than that, maybe the Marlin Historian will figure it out! Anyone else with a Marlin that has a serial number starting with "89" then a skipped space? Ken
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