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J W Hardin, I stand corrected on the nomenclature. Thank you. One thing you can do to further reduce cap jams (someone called it the "Hellgate modification" after me who first described it to the SASS Wire) is to fill in the safety notch on the face of the hammer with J B Weld. One thing that can cause cap jams is the cap can get wedged into the little notch on the bottom of the hammer face and be pulled off the nipple after firing where it gets knocked off by the frame when you pull the hammer back to cock it. By filling the notch you create a flat hammer face that is less likely to pull off a cap. Doing the mod means you need to let the hammer down on an open (unloaded) chamber instead of between nipples on the safety pin. This limits you to 5 loaded chambers. That is no problem in SASS shoots because we only load 5 anyway.
Others have advocated carefully slightly rounding off the sharp edges of the safety notch to reduce cap grabbing without filling in the space thus preserving the use of the safety pins. YMMV My first Colt reproductions were made by Armi San Marco and did not have the pins between the nipples so it was no big deal to fill in the notch.
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