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AH - ok - there it is - thanks

Originally Posted by dahermit View Post
The head stamps are: CBC, Blazer, R-P, Federal, Winchester, PPU. Agila.
I've previously documented with pictures my grief with blazer brass - I find it tops my list of defective cases in once fired range brass and I scrap all blazer brass. Check out the pictures of the once fired brass failures. You might reconsider that choice.

As for Aguila brass - I have found so many variations in the brass in primer holes, and some of them being cannelured, that I choose not to reload this brass myself. Just too many production variations to use this when there is so much other better range brass available.

Is any of the winchester brass WMA headstamped? - That is often military and often primer crimped.

CBC, PPU, RP, FED and WIN I use regularly and have not had the issue you're experiencing. I use CCI 500 small pistol primers by choice.

Are you seeing any particular primer pocket problem / head stamp pattern?
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