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Originally Posted by stagpanther View Post
Mine has a .310 bore--which the sst's are perfect for--you find .308's work OK?

I've found that the ultimate 300 BO bullet for supersonic loads is the 110 TAC TX black tip. Might be interesting....
My upper has a .310 bore also, and my barrel shoots .308 diameter bullets perfectly fine. I have a friend with the same brand upper as mine and its .310 also, but his doesn't shoot .308 bullets, so I guess it just depends and you won't know till you try.

Obviously your rifle shoots very well with a load it likes so it may only take a few groups to know if your barrel likes them or not. My carbine likes the .308 135 FTX better than anything I've shot in it. Killed 2 deer this past season too.
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