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I have pushed lots of no gas check HF red PC coated bullets pretty hard with good results.

The 200 gr Lee shoots good at full power in my 357 Maximums.

I am doing ok with the 30 cal Lee 170 at up to 1800 fps. This one has been a little bit of a challenge as the PC makes the nose too big. I had to come up with a nose sizing setup to get the nose back down to 0.300". I am still working on improving the sizing setup to get the boolits as true and uniform as possible.

I recently built a 16" 357AR rifle (357 Max rimless for the AR-15 platform). I have a 200 gr PC coated plain base that does under 2 MOA out to 200 yards with a muzzle velocity of over 1950 fps.

With PC, go ahead and try your loads without gas checks. Most of the time they should work fine. Some boolit + gun + load combinations may do better with checks, but you wont know for sure unless you try it both ways.

If you are after top accuracy, you may want to watch out for dings on the bottom of the gas check shank.
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