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If someone is genuinely a danger to himself or others, the police already have the authority to act.
This was brought out in hearings for a "red flag-gun confiscation" hearing in my state (Minnesota) just this week.

The point seemed to be lost the folk wanting this law.

It was also brought up that after you take away the person guns, you still leave this "DISTURBED" person, whom you suspect is a danger to themselves or others, loose with access to everything. That is, black market guns, gasoline, trucks, pressure cookers, rope, tall buildings and bridges etc., etc., etc.

This point too seemed to be lost on the folk wanting this law.

All in all watching the hearing led me to the inevitable conclusion that some of my lawmakers in Minnesota REALLY DO WANT TO TAKE AWAY MY GUNS despite their incessant claims to the contrary.
(Stay tuned. More stunning revelations from Captain "Dalea" Obvious to come.)
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