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No judge would let you press charges if an animal bit you if you were coming on to my property, regardless of whether or not guy legally have a right to be there. You have to do your due diligence and give a heads up.
Your jurisdiction may differ drastically from most others, but there is seldom if ever any defense for a dog bite. It is almost always up to the owners to control the dog, not up to the public to avoid the dog.

Guruatbol, you have apparently had some untoward experiences, for which I am sorry, but the previous discussion was not about properly identified people doing legitimate jobs outside. There were, instead, multiple examples of people without proper identification coming to people's doors and asking for information about security, contents, and valuables, and sometimes making attempts to force their way in. You sound like you are going about your work in a responsible way, but there are plenty of reasons in today's world to be suspicious of people who come to our doors without invitation.
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