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Originally Posted by kym
Back in the 80's two well dressed young men came to my door and said they were from the university and wanted to do a poll. After I invited them in to my house one asked me if I had received a letter from some business or another. When I said no they said they were sorry they had the wrong house and got up to go. I reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out my 1911. Your not going anywhere I said. Give me your driver license. They were freaked out. I told them they used false pretenses to get into my house and I wanted to know who the hell they were. I copied down their information and told them that if anything was missing from my place or the neighborhood I would turn the information over to the police. When I let them go they walked up to the main road and left. Never saw them again.
Wow. So you pulled a gun on two guys who weren't threatening you at any point and were also in the process of leaving your house? I'm not sure what bothers me more, the fact that you did that or the fact that you don't seem to be ashamed of it.
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