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You're talking to a forum of firearms enthusiasts. For better or worse, the thoughts/opinions represented in this thread do not represent the vast majority of Americans, most of whom never consider the "tactical" aspects of anything in their lives. The key is "Americans". We are free to make that choice and no one else has to like it. Freedom. It sure beats.... everywhere else... in the world.
Brian. This is the internet, not America. I know this because I just looked out of the window to check and some had written Tere Tulemast Eestis in the snow!
It smelt pretty much like everywhere else... just a bit colder.

We're "gun people". We do guns and some tactics too. They're car people. They do cars.
Fixed it for you!!

As for the restaurant question.
I sit where there is a seat available, preferably away from the toilets. I like the window so I can watch the world go by whilst I enjoy my meal...

Perhaps there is a new market for restaurants with armed security, or metal detectors by the Maitre D...
When the right to effective self-defence is denied, that right to self-defence which remains is essentially symbolic.
Freedom: Please enjoy responsibly.
Karma. Another word for revolver: because what goes around, comes around!

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