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Manta, you often cite the troubles in Ireland as being the end all be all of experiencing a turbulent existence and claim that people here couldn't have handled it.

As I have pointed out to you before, the rates of violence in Ireland during the troubles(over a decade ago) are roughly the same or less than the nominal rates of violence here in the US for many locales(past and present). People acknowledge that violent crime happens and try to be prepared, rather than

Its a example of people coming into a bar in this case and shooting. I am using N Ireland as a example because that's were i live that seems logical to me. Maybe you would like me google a similar example form some other country. My point no one that i know worried about where they sat or watched the door to see who was coming in.

As i said if i worried about where i sat when going out socialising and having a meal i would stay in the house.

are roughly the same or less than the nominal rates of violence here in the US for many locales
That statement goes against the posts i have seen on how violent crime is low in America compared to the UK.

(over a decade ago)

Police at the scene of David Black's death on the M1 motorway in Northern Ireland.

Dissident republicans are believed to have shot dead a Northern Ireland prison officer in a motorway ambush.

The death of a 25-year-old police officer in a car bomb blast has brought tragedy to Omagh, Northern Ireland Chief Constable Matt Baggott has said.

He paid tribute to "modern day hero" Constable Ronan Kerr, a new Catholic recruit, killed outside his home.

PS Its not over a decade for some.

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