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My good old Winchester Model 70 in 30-06 with a Weaver K-4 will be my main elk rifle, as it has been for years.

I'm also bringing my new Marlin 1895G in 45-70 as a back-up rifle, has a 1-3x Weaver scope mounted. We hunt some very thick stuff, especially for cow elk. During these times I'll probably pack the Marlin, and other people in camp can use it if they wish.

No pics of the 30-06, here's the Marlin:

My favorite rifle in general is my deer rifle, another Model 70 in 243. I put a 4-16x Nikon Monarch on it last year to extend my range.
Here's the rifle. It like's to kill coyotes too:

I'm also hoping to have my new Win Model 70 in 270WSM up and running to 500 yards by deer season. It may see some use this year, definitely in the coming years. Actually I may bring it to elk camp too, in case we can't find any elk in the thick stuff.
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